The most painful and moving shots are of the memorials of mostly young men, largely teenage murder victims. 
There’s so many stories to be told of these young wasted lives. They’re just not told, so people have no correction to the story that these teenagers (and sometimes pre-teens) are nasty, naughty urban thugs. When people know them and their families they understand this is never an honest portrayal of these victims of fear and greed-based violence.
An important part of this is the LACK of memorialisation, beyond these desperately sad weather-battered delicate cries of grief. This is the case even for a woman as well-known, universally loved (now she’s safely in her grave and not being an embarrassing alcoholic/drug addict) and money-spinning as Amy Winehouse. The memorial to her, outside her house in Camden is pitiful. 
From what I gather about her family, her dad plays a large part in this neglect of her memory, as it did for the neglect in her life. But this lack of a fitting physical monument to her is consistent with how the other young people who died on our streets. Disposable, collateral damage of the ludicrous ‘war on drugs’ that our nasty, Daily (hate) Mail inspired Home Office propagates and promotes.