These are collections of snaps I’ve taken on my travels around London and further afield. I’ve divided them into collections on a theme that make sense to me. Sometimes I’ll see a theme and turn a colleciton of pictures into a story.

A man wearing a cowboy hat and dungarees looks into the camera as does a boy wearing an anorak with his hood up. Boy holds fried chicken and a white bag, while a blue bag is tied to handle-bars.


These are pictures I've taken of people I've met along the way as I travel between work, errands, shopping etc. Some of them I'll never see again, but many of them I've got to know better as time has passed.

Motown and Windsor town royalty Aretha Franklin and Queen Elizabeth pictured in different coffee-table books


Aretha or Elizabeth: Which one has added more to the sum of human happiness? Depends on your politics and musical taste. For many of us there's only one true queen, and it ain't Lizzy Windsor.

Bike in hangar reflected in puddle with Sainsbury's Elephant bag

Art in Action

There's so much art of such high quality jumping out at us all over London and the rest of England if we're ready to see it. The joy of street-art is that it's constantly changing as the place, time and space around it evolves. Here I've caught art which has been made even better by the beauty of what's around it.